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  • Image/Video Proctoring with Anti-Cheating Features
  • Monitor Student Exam through Invigilation Login
  • Conduct MCQ/Descriptive Exams with Our
    Online Examination System
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MasterSoft's Online Examination System

MasterSoft's Online Examination System is a robust one-stop Software to Manage Pre - Exam activities such as Student Registration, Exam Conduction - Question Bank Setting up, Invigilation & Result Processing. This system facilitates the conduction of Semester Exams, Entrance Exams & Unit Tests while centralizing the Data for the Institute. The Online Examination System is innovative and equipped with the latest technology such as BI-powered analysis of exam results.

  • Disables Window Switching ( Copy - Paste ) to avoid malpractices
  • Multiple Set Creation and Auto - Randomization of Questions & Answers
  • Screen Recording Disabled
  • Active on Screen Invigilation

Use Online Examination System to Conduct, Assess and Analyze Exams Online


  • Create & Manage Question Bank Securely
  • Create & Map question sets with Course Outcomes and Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Schedule Test & Assign Invigilation Incharges

During Exam

  • Proctor Students through Admin / Invigilator
  • Enable student war room support
  • Appear for exams from Computers or Mobiles


  • Evaluate descriptive answers
  • Provide Assessment Report on student login
  • Conduct in-depth Analysis of Exam Data

MasterSoft's Online Examination System for All Types of Exams


Entrance exams are conducted for students who are applying for several courses, colleges, or universities and test their suitability for a particular degree. Conduct entrance exams online using MasterSoft’s Online Examination System that allows high concurrency of the students appearing for the exams. The system takes several measures to avoid malpractices. It disables window switching and gives random question sets to the students.

  • Mobile and Web-Friendly Examination
  • Disable Screen Recording to avoid cheating

Semester Exams are conducted to test student’s knowledge based on the course. The student receives complete support and easy communication in case of any issues related to the internet or login.

For descriptive types of questions, the student can write answers on paper and upload them on the exam sheet or make use of the Voice to Text feature.

  • Exams for all types of questionnaires( MCQ & Descriptive)
  • Cut, Copy, Paste Disabled in Exam WIndow
  • Maintain Malpractice Log

Evaluate the students before the actual exams by setting mock tests. The mock exams are conducted to check for exam environment, bandwidth, and get experience before the actual exam. Conduct mock exams using software for online examination offered by MasterSoft and help the students to be ready for the final tests.

  • Ensures Excellent Environment for Examination
  • Enables all Features same as an Actual Exam

Prepare question sets for the students for various subjects for tuition or unit tests. Evaluate the student’s performance and exam reports in detail to give quick results and constructive feedback to the students.

  • Conduct weekly practice tests for students
  • Create question sets for all types of exams

Conduct quiz competitions or tests for the students with multiple sets of MCQ type questions. The questions and options are randomized and different for every student to avoid cheating or other malpractices during the quiz.

  • Conduct quiz for high Concurrency of Students
  • Give quick assessment results to the students after quiz

Unique Features in MasterSoft’s Online Examination System

image Anti-Cheating methods at Low Bandwidth
image Offers High
image Supports MCQs, Descriptive and other question formats
image Power BI based Analysis of exam results
image Voice to Text Feature for Descriptive Questions
image Conducts exam with high Concurrency of students

Advanced Online Examination System to Eliminate Scope for Cheating

Disabled Window Switching

The student cannot switch the exam window before the test is submitted. If done so, the student gets a warning for test termination.

Image and Video Proctoring

Student’s movements are recorded in video /image format and stored for future references.

Student Identity Verification

Verification of Student’s identity to avoid the case of candidate impersonation.


Why Is MasterSoft An Ideal Partner for Online Examination System?

Support from Online Examination Experts

Student’s operating issues are solved instantly with ease

Integrated with BI technology

Implementation of BI Technology for Exam Analysis

Secure Student Information

Highly secure and Safe System with safe backup procedures

Ease of

Easy for the students to attempt exams and communicate for queries


What Our Customer Says

Dr. S. S. Rathore
Principal, Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering & Technology, Gondia

Online Examination System time-tested & simple to use. Our staff is well trained by the company engineers on this software. Our staff is using this software without any problems since the year 2002.

Ashok Aseri
Registrar, Pemraj Sarda College,

Online Examination System provided by the company, I found that the entire work of result of F.Y.B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. get easy accurate without mistakes and not time consumable. I hope in the future, this software remains beneficial for the examination of all the classes.

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FAQs On Online Examination System

An online examination system is a software that helps in conducting exams remotely using the internet and computers. It eliminates location limitations and encourages distance learning in institutes.

  • Easy communication among students and invigilator
  • Gives quick assessment and accurate results
  • Supports MCQs and descriptive types of questions
  • Offers image and video proctoring
  • Disables WIndow Switchingt
  • Conducts verification of student’s information
  • Offers login and support to the student
  • Conducts video and image proctoring during exams
  • Evaluates students using the given set of answers
  • Gives analysis of the exam reports
  • Eliminates the use of paper
  • Reduces workload of the faculty members
  • Offers opportunities in remote areas
  • Conducts exams for a large number of students in one go.
  • Ensures fair examination among students