A Comprehensive Look at Online Proctored Exams

21 , Feb 2024

Exam times are stressful for students and staff as well. Conventional exams require administrators to arrange an exam center that is sufficient for holding all examinees. The administrators and staff have to determine the list of questions, and types of questions to be printed in the question papers. They also have to verify the identity of everyone appearing for the exam and implement effective anti-cheating measures.

Additionally, conventional exams are also complicated for students. The examinee has to travel to the designated exam center and carry their photo ID cards. Being on time is highly essential for examinees, or else they may not be permitted to take the exam. This often becomes a problem for students who travel from a distant location. Apart from this, the examinees have to ensure they write the answers under the strict vigilance of the invigilator staff.

After the exam is conducted, the invigilator and staff are also burdened with checking the answer sheets and grading them. This assessment process has to be completely accurate, as mistakes in grading can affect a student’s prospects significantly. However, errors are often noticed when examinees are evaluated using manual conventional methods.

However, these and similar problems with exams can be eliminated by using online examination software with AI proctoring.

AI Proctoring - An Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential element in many high-tech ERP software systems. AI-powered online examination management systems are increasingly being implemented by small and large educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities.

AI-powered online exam software has advanced voice and facial recognition technology. This technology is designed to monitor an examinee’s environment, their movements, and overall behavior. It instantly flags suspicious activity much like a human invigilator does during conventional exams.

There are several benefits for educational institutions when they implement AI-powered online exam software. These high-tech virtual invigilation systems constantly monitor examinees during online examinations to detect cheating or other malpractices. This is done through advanced audio and video streaming.

These ERP software systems effectively improve learning capabilities and eventual academic outcomes. They are designed to mark open-ended complicated questions and provide prompt accurate results.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes AI-powered online examination management software the future of exam invigilation.

AI-Powered Online Exam Software - Functions

Online examination management systems powered by AI technology are automated invigilation and assessment software. These are designed to monitor examinee activities in real time using audio and video technologies during an online exam. Thanks to the powerful built-in AI technology, online examination management has become incredibly easy.

To help you understand it, here is a simple step-by-step guide on how AI-powered online exam software works -

Online Examination Management

1. Online exam registration

The first step for students to appear for an online exam is to register for it. For this, the students need to enter their details, such as name, class, academic year, address, etc. Besides this, there are other relevant details that prospective examinees need to enter to complete the registration process for online exams.

2. Examinee verification

Upon successfully registering, the examinee is provided with a unique user ID and password. This ID and password need to be entered correctly if the student wants to get verified before the online examination. The online exam software automatically authenticates the correct ID and password of examinees and sends an OTP for confirmation. The examinee is only allowed to take the online exam if the AI-powered assessment ERP software verifies their ID successfully.

This step is the first element of AI-powered online examination management systems that eliminate proxy examinees.

3. Online proctoring

The online exam software also allows the teaching staff and human invigilators to provide clear instructions before the exam starts. These instructions can be easily modified for different types of exams, such as annual, term, and semester exams. The examinee needs to follow all instructions carefully during the online exam.

During the online exam, the staff can monitor the examinees in real time using different technologies. These can be image, audio and video proctoring methods. The online proctoring ERP software is equipped with different anti-cheating technologies.

For instance, the online examination software disables additional browsers on the examinee’s computer system. It means that examinees are banned from opening and using any internet browser while the online exam is underway. This is effective in eliminating the risk of cheating by examinees.

Besides this, the AI-proctoring online examination management software also has additional invigilation features. For example, the AI-powered proctoring system randomly captures still images of examinees with access to their webcams. The ERP software also takes screenshots randomly of the examinee’s computer screen and sends them automatically to the invigilator.

Apart from this, the invigilator can also conduct real-time proctoring by asking the examinee to switch on their webcams for live video feed.

Online Proctoring Software - A Complete Guide

AI-powered Proctoring - Effective Invigilation Tips

Online examination management with AI-powered tools is the new norm for schools, colleges, and universities to conduct assessments.

Here are some useful tips from experts on how to use AI-powered online exam software most effectively -


  • Ensure online exams are conducted in centers/rooms/locations with sufficient lighting.
  • Ensure that examinees are alone in the room during online exams.
  • Ensure the examinee is not facing any technical issues before the exam starts.
  • Ensure the examinee and invigilator have a strong, reliable internet connection.
  • Ensure that the examinee has a webcam and microphone in perfect working condition.
  • Ensure that examinees log into the online examination portal at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Ensure that examinees take exams in rooms with no noise, and a plain white background.
  • Ensure that students are provided clear guidance and instructions for writing the online exam.
  • Ensure to take a trial of the online exam software by conducting mock tests first and avoid issues during the exam.


  • Students from moving out of the webcam’s range.
  • Students from covering their faces, or switching off their webcams during the exam.
  • Students from navigating away from the online exam software screen.
  • Students from sharing their screen, or questions, with anyone else during the exam.
  • Students talk to anyone when the online exam is underway.
  • Students from using any other digital device during the online examination.
  • Students from consuming anything during the exam.
  • Students from leaving their room for any reason during the exam.

Apart from this, some other important tips to ensure accurate AI-powered proctoring during online examinations are -

  • Request examinees to only use a secure and reliable internet browser for taking online examinations.
  • Allow students to retake the online exam only if they face a genuine technical issue, only after confirmation from the invigilator or administrator.
  • Always be prompt in answering questions and resolving queries from the examinee during the online exam.

AI-powered Proctoring - Anti-Cheating Features

Every educational institution can ensure hassle-free and effective online exams. Simply use reliable online examination management systems with AI-powered anti-cheating features.

Here is a quick look at the top AI-powered anti-cheating features offered by MasterSoft online invigilation ERP software -

Online Examination Management

Video Proctoring

This feature uses the examinee’s webcam to keep track of their facial movements. It also allows invigilators to record video of the examinee at any time during the online exam. If the ERP software detects suspicious activity, it automatically flags the examinee for the online invigilator to investigate further.

Audio Proctoring

This feature records the audio at the examinee’s end using their microphone. With this, invigilators can be alerted by the online exam software if it detects any suspicious noises in the examinee’s room.

Image Proctoring

This feature uses the examinee’s webcam too, and frequently takes a picture of the examinee at regular intervals. It helps invigilators identify any suspicious activity on the examinee’s end and prevent cheating during the online exam.

ID Verification

The AI-powered online invigilation ERP software is extremely efficient. It uses advanced facial recognition technology to verify student authenticity at every stage of the online exam. Before the exam, the online examination software checks the examinee’s email authentication, and ID card and also conducts mobile verification using the auto-generated OTP method. It performs audio, image, and video verification during the exam.

AI-powered Proctoring - Making the Right Choice

Every educational institution has different levels of requirements when it comes to AI-powered online proctoring solutions. This can be assessed by specifying the areas that you want examinees to be assessed.

Here are the best ways to determine the set of features required from AI-powered online proctoring software -

  • The volume of proctoring needed by the institute
  • The total number of enrollments in a particular course
  • The number of courses or programs covered by an online proctored test
  • The total number of exams to be conducted in the course
  • The type of questions in the exam - multiple choice questions, descriptive, etc.

These questions will help you determine the extent of features you require in AI-powered proctoring software for your educational institute.

What Role Does Artificial Intelligence Play In Online Proctored Exams?

AI-powered Proctoring - Benefits & Advantages

There are numerous benefits and advantages of using AI-powered proctoring ERP software for conducting online exams -

Automates tedious exam tasks

The smart online examination management software reduces the faculty’s workload by automating several tedious tasks related to online exams. For instance, it automates the student verification process before the exam and prevents proxy attendance.

Gives clear exam guidelines

The AI-powered online exam software lets invigilators give precise and clear instructions to examinees before the exam. This helps to avoid confusion regarding the questions, and format of the exam.

Provides paper-free exams

Using AI-powered proctoring tools helps faculty provide paper-free exams, which have several benefits. For instance, online exams eliminate the need to use paper, which has a significant environmental impact. It also helps avoid the hassle of safely organizing and storing paper-based answer sheets after an exam, which saves the cost of storage.

Streamlines assessment and grading

AI-powered online examination management systems also give accurate evaluation reports. These are in-depth AI-powered MIS reports and can be generated according to different parameters, For instance, users can choose to generate grade reports according to class, age, course, etc. This also helps faculty and students measure their academic progress more effectively.

Reduces human invigilation

Smart AI-powered online exam ERP software also eliminates the need to assign large numbers of invigilators for exams. This is effective in saving time, effort, and human resources for educational institutions.


This is why AI proctoring is the modern approach to conducting exams. This online exam software allows you to choose the level of invigilation required during online exams. For instance, you can choose to include a chat box and dual-view security to ensure stronger invigilation. You can also monitor examinees in real time using recorded and live audio and video feeds. Additionally, these ERP software systems also minimize the cost and effort required for conducting regular examinations.

Embracing the advancements that online exam software brings will shape the future of education, making it more accessible and effective.

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